Capitol WDX-569 (1955) is an album comprising four 12-inch LPs, therefore with 8 sides. They were arranged to be stacked on an automatic turntable, played four sides, then turned over for the remaining four sides.

Each side has approximately 20 minutes of music, although the mostly spoken sides 1 and 8 have only about 10 minutes of material.

the story   (by Bud Freeman) the music
 the young soundpart 
 a place to stand1prologueStan Kenton speaks of the development of his music
 balboa bandwagon21940–1942 
 growing pains31943–1944 
 artistry in rhythm41945–1946 
 progressive jazz51947–1948 
  8epiloguea word in summation and glance to the future

Scrapbook of European Tour, 1953