Michael’s 50th, May 1997

By mid-1997, the combination of our impending move to the East Coast, my [Michael] birthday, and also the fact that Melissa and I were earning a little extra money teaching led Melissa to suggest funneling all that extra money into a birthday celebration by which we could treat some friends to a farewell dinner and some entertainment.

We arranged for the nearby Cafe Flora to be the scene of this gathering, and Melissa asked Greta Matassa—a favorite local jazz singer—to sing for us. Invitations were issued, and guests are listed in the captions to the following pictures. Although not crazy about a party—especially one in my honor, from this 2014 perspective it is nice to look at the pictures and remember some long passed times with some good people.

Rebecca, Melissa’s sister from Chicago, whose birthday is also 1 May, flew in to join the party.