Sight-seeing around the Tucson area

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It happened like this. Bob Nylander and I had arrived at Tucson Airport, and we went to the Budget car rental, where I'd reserved a vehicle. Our agent was named Natalia, although Bob thinks it was Bernadette or something. Neither one of us has the eyes of a 20-year old, so it might have been either or neither, but then she wasn't 20 anymore, either, so perhaps she answers to both names. Anyway.

More or less just to pass the time, I asked about any local sites worth our time. "Oh," she said, "You must see Mission San Xavier del Bac. It's nearby, and you can stop on your way into town." Bob politely noted that he was tired, but that we might get to it some day. "No, you'll go now," she assured us. Checking her watch, she said, "Besides, it's lunch time, and you can have fried bread tacos, which are made right there in front of the church."

Personally, I like someone who knows what she wants, even when it's for me, so I began to get hungry for fried bread. "Yes," she said, "It's a beautiful church. That's where I attend mass—I'll be there Saturday night, and I think you should, too."

She was right, of course, we should have been there Saturday night. As it was, we had another engagement, but all during that meeting I knew where I was supposed to be.

The Indians in that area (and pictured below) are from a group called Tohono O'odham.