Shirley Anne Blaisdell Garcia


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Sometime around 1920, Shirley's grandfather moved the family from Ohio (Mildred was born in Scio) to Casper, Wyoming.

map from Ohio to Wyoming


The year before she died, Shirley posed with her daughter, Sheryl, and Sheryl's daughter, Allie, in a gathering of three generations.

Three generations


Back in 1996, Shirley had posed with her mother, Mildred, also in the group. That made four generations.

Four generations


Shirley and husband, Jim, took only one cruise: "That was enough for me." Here they are all decked out on deck.

Crusing in 1992


By Christmas 2007, Shirley knew that her prognosis was terminal. But plenty of time for one last pose with her favorite husband.

Jim and Shirley, December 2007