The estate at Dupont Nemours
Photos and text by Michael Broschat, May 2010
Alfred and Jesse: the Duponts at their Nemours home
You don't get to photograph inside the house, so use the Nemours web site to see what you'll see when you take your tour. The photographs here are taken, therefore, after the house tour, when you get to wander around the grounds (for awhile).
The estate is down to 300 acres (from 3,000), but it's plenty big enough to give some sense of what it was like to live there, even though you and I would have been in the domestic staff. I'm handy with pots and pans.
That's the front porch, to the left, and we're more or less outside the conservatory, where the family gathered during the hot, humid weather for which we're known around here in summer. I don't know where the domestic staff hung out then.
This is the view from the front door.
There's some nice use of water throughout the grounds. Alfred even bottled water (carbonation optional) in the basement of the house. Of course, when we say "Alfred," we mean "his people."