From the scrapbook of Torayoshi Muraki Maida (in Japan until 1919)

At Tennoji Normal School (=teacher’s college)

In modern times, Tennoji was combined with another school to create the current Osaka University of Education (Osaka Kyoiku University).

Teaching at Daiho Elementary School

Teaching at Nishinoda Elementary School

Brother in Manchuria

After the Russo-Japanese War (1905), Japan took over Russia’s influence in Manchuria. To exploit the badly needed resources Japan needed from Manchuria, it sent Japanese citizens to colonize the area. One of Torayoshi’s brothers—Densaburo Bando—was evidently one of those sent.

Life in Osaka for the new teacher

Torayoshi appears to have had two teaching jobs after graduating from teaching college, both at the elementary level. He lived in a boarding house, and his scrapbook contains a couple pictures of other residents. At least one is labeled ‘lover’.

Saying goodbye to Japan

After accepting the offer of marriage from the Maida family, Torayoshi spent some time at his family home in Kebara.

Picture bride and picture groom

These are the two photographs exchanged during the marriage transaction.

Sailing to America